• Update on Brazil’s submarine programme
    Today we take you to a construction site that is both monumental and unique. We are off to Itaguaí, 70km south-west of Rio de Janeiro to report progress on the most comprehensive naval technology transfer programme to date. It is here that Brazil will launch its next-generation submarines from a brand spanking new submarine shipyard […]
  • Energy Observer named in Paris
    Energy Observer, the first energy self-sufficient boat powered solely by renewable energies and hydrogen was officially named in Paris on 6 July after sailing from Saint-Malo to the mouth of the Seine, then up the Seine to the French capital.The boat was built in Canada in 1983 as a maxi-catamaran (length: 30.5m, beam:12.8m). In 1994, […]
  • More tests for Polar Pod
    Work continues on the Polar Pod, a brainchild of intrepid French adventurer, scientist, medico and sailor Jean-Louis Etienne. Following concept testing in 2014, a new model of the Polar Pod spar-buoy laboratory recently underwent tank t... […]


Croisière : L’Europe globalement en hausse, la France accuse sa première baisse

A l’occasion du Seatrade de Miami, l'Association Internationale des Compagnies de Croisières (CLIA) a publié hier ses statistiques sur l’évolution du marché européen. Ce dernier continue de croître, quasiment 6.7 millions d’Européens ayant opté en 2016 pour des vacances maritimes, soit 3.4% de plus qu’en 2015.